Thursday, 1 September 2011

An Introductory toast (with tea since I'm currently wined out ...)

In my world I always have a few loose screws rattling around my brain. Apparently that gives me an interesting few on life; well if not interesting at least mildly amusing! I may be taking people who are close to me (and therefore very biased in my favour) a little too literally but I’m going to go with it. After all of all the thousands of weird little thoughts and occurrences that happen in my brain and life on a weekly basis; at least a couple of them MUST be worth commenting on? Oh I hope so, otherwise it certainly doesn’t say much for me does it! 

Basically when I feel the urge to have a scribble, or when I find something particularly amusing (please keep in mind it’ll be out of context for you – so please be kind!) I will write about it; therefore whoever is fortunate (or unfortunate depending on your point of view) enough to come across my ramblings should hopefully get a giggle or two out of it for their frantic googling efforts!

So here is to ‘A few loose screws …’ a slightly eccentric girls take on the world … enjoy!


  1. Well I can comment even if you can't :)

  2. Nice blog....very interesting looking forward to more....

  3. I can comment. Looking forward to seeing what rattles the screws produce.