Saturday, 22 October 2011

Party rocker in the house ... NOT!

When a 23 year-old comes to work tired and brain dead what would you assume? Me? I’d assume that said 23 year-old had been out the night before having a good time. So when I roll into work looking like death lightly toasted you can imagine what people assume, especially when I only went to sleep just before 2 in the morning.

Now you see there is the key – I only went to SLEEP just before 2 am, I was in bed long before that! You see I am a rare commodity nowadays; I am part of a very rare group of people called nerds, what makes this even more exclusive is the fact I am one of the few who actually embrace it (and take a measure of satisfaction from it!). I stayed up until 2 am, not to party or visit with friends, but to finish reading a book I seemed completely incapable of putting down! I just had to finish! It was so exciting!

So I come into work yawning widely and a colleague asked me how I was. My reply (obviously!) was that I’m tired. Then you get the response, the widened eyes and the “Oh really? Why are you so tired?” in a very specific tone – a tone implying there has got to be a juicy story here ... with a sleepy smile I respond (and I of course, nerd that I am) excitedly, “I was reading this book that I just had to finish!” My colleagues jaw dropped, and then she burst out laughing, “You really are such a nerd aren’t you?” and my poor little heart swelled with pride because yes, I am a nerd, and unabashedly proud of it!

I really did enjoy that book, and I’m really proud of the fact I’m only a little tired today but I feel good! Then I looked at the clock and realise that it isn’t even 10am yet and I am on my way to make another cup of coffee! Whoops!

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  1. I enjoy each weeks post Keely, an amusing insight into your week.